Monday, June 9, 2008


But is it really? I suppose it is, because I am alive and enclosed in my RIGHT mind, but still. I detest Mondays. I did not want to get out of bed this morning...My alarm clock goes off at 6am...tell me why I picked it up and pushed the time back to 6:15 so I could get a lil more shut eye. It's crazy cuz I went to bed at 11ish... But whatever. I'm dreading this week to be honest. Money will be flying out my hand pretty much ALL WEEK!!! Not looking forward to that, but whatever...*LE SIGH...* I only have like $81 to my name right now, and I still have a Greek Picnic outfit to buy, a best friend with a birthday, and then all these people trying to hang out and spend money on the weekend. Won't be able!! Thank God I get paid this coming Monday!! "He will steeeeep in Oooon tiiiiiiiiiime" --UAB GC.

But yeah, here's a new slideshow I made...enjoy that while I try to get myself together. Please and thank you.