Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Atlanta Greek Picnic! WOOOOOW

LOL, I stated a while ago, I'm a newbie to the Greek Scene (AKA, SP '08). I felt like attending the Atlanta Greek Picnic would be my first chance to associate and familiarize myself with what it's all about, what it means (socially, of course) to be a member of a BGLO.

I kind of gave updates on the progress of planning, because initially, we (my chapter) were supposed to venture to Atlanta together. That didn't pan out for more than a few reasons. I ended up going with my front/friend since Freshman year, REESE, my aunt who is a soror, my aunt Benita who is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and my mom who is a GDI (lol). We stayed with my aunt Benita's best friend Arnita who is also a soror of mine. Might I say that the house is not a house at all, but a MANSION!! Nita is an oooold friend of the family, so she made us feel right at home.

I must say that I had a blast! One thing about me, is I don't carry unecessary hate for members of other BGLOs. I have friends and associates in EVERY organization. Though many came out with the spirit of competition and hate, I just felt good being around so many different people. I FELT THE UNITY!!!

Reese and I arrived just in time to join the circle and sing the hymn with sorors, after which we were invited to feast on food sorors from other chapters (probably the host chapter, Morris Brown) had to offer. The spirit of sisterhood was definitely present. Anytime you make an effort to be sisterly to someone, ESPECIALLY your soror, that effort is usually gratified in some kind of way. But yeah...

There was a stroll-off. Phrat were making snow cones (HA!). Vendors were there in full effect. The fuckery (love this word, courtesy of the lovely Fresh, see C+D ) was minimal as far as I could tell. You already know the Ques showed up and showed out. I was told by my aunts and mom that one Que had his army fatigues ALL the way down, showing off his freshly branded ass (supposedly he was drunk, but this seems like typical behavior for a Que). Ma said you could see the front of him as well.

But you know what, I love Ques. I always said that I could see myself dating one. Most of them have awesome, down-to-earth personalities, and are really fun to chill with. Out of all the Frats, I think they keep it REAL the most...sometimes too real...LOL

After the picnic, Reese and I went to this stepshow over at Morehouse. Hardly any of the thousands that attended the picnic showed up at the show. That was to be expected, however, since this was the first year for this "Greek Unity" Stepshow. We sat with sorors from Texas and North Carolina, and had a ball, regardless of how many people were there. The Deltas took the prize, winning first place. Honorable mention goes to the Kappas that STEPPED...They get MAAAAD respect from me, because that is the first time I had ever seen Kappas actually STEP, and tho I'm new to the Greek Game, I've still been exposed to certain aspects, such as stepshows and probates. All I came say is DAMN! They did an awesome job. I'm going to put that footage up soon, hopefully!

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my weekend in Atlanta. It wasn't as WILD as it could have been, but I'm not WILD like that anyway. In the years to come, it will get better for me, I know. I didn't want to over do it my first time out. Just wanted to get my feet wet, and I must say that I accomplished that goal!! Shouts out to Iota Nu APhiA, Gamma Theta Zetas, Kappa Kappa (GUCCI), and Xi Mu SGRho!!!! UAB represented right!!!

Pics (all I took was video at the stepshow, I'll try to get that up ASAP):

** Have you ever been to the Atlanta Greek Picnic? If so, what were your experiences (Fung'ke, I'm callin you out, lady, lol)?


(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

Ut-oh, I've been called out...LOL!

I'm an old head..LOL! Can we say DST,SP'97??? LOL
Damn, I just aged myself! But yeah, oh the memories, the memories!

The things that happen at the Greek Picnic, stays at the Greek Picnic..LOL!


Shy said...

Sistergreek, I feel ya. Some of the things witnessed, LAWD HAVE MERCYYY!!!!

Hazeka said...

Well said.