Friday, July 27, 2007

Searching for the 70's--The Decade that Defines Me

**Soap box
The 70s represents a lot of who I am as a person. It was a simple decade, but it was one full of confusion and chaos. As a young black woman growing up in today's society, I feel much the same way. I am simple in my dress and demeanor. I'm not the flashy, out-going socialite. But I know how to get down with the get down too! In the 70s, our country was in a state of social and political turmoil. The name of that turmoil was the Vietnam War. Like today's war in Iraq, I feel that the US had no business over there in the first place. But I digress.

During this time, the country was much divided. Half wanted war, half wanted peace. I can relate. I feel like on a day to day basis I am at war with myself--my flesh. Trying to be a good girl, and a Christian young lady is hard! Satan knows how to push all of our buttons, and I am no exception! I make many mistakes: too much cursing, talking back to parents and elders sometimes, just being plain mean...I could go on. But I realize my mistakes and I make the conscious decision to try to do better. I have to! But there is no shortage of peace in my life. If anything, it outweighs the waging war within me! That peace is God. As it says in the Bible, "He will give us peace that passeth all understanding". And though I am human, and make mistakes, I can rest assured that He still loves me, will continue to protect and abide with me, and continue to reveal to me the plan He has for my life.

Also like the 70s, I am fun and free-spirited. Sometimes I can get that "hippie mentality" and have a "care-nothin-bout-it" attitude about things I should indeed care about! I can be irresponsible, reckless and nonchalant. But I also know how to stand up for a cause and get the job done. All these to me, are characteristics of people who lived in and experienced this decade and characteristics of the decade itself!

I believe that I would have enjoyed myself in the 70's...It would have been--"FAR OUT"!
**Off my soap box

If I could go back in time, and had to choose one decade to travel to--I would undoubtedly choose the 1970s! Call me nostalgic, but I am FOREVER telling family and friends that I belong back in the 70s. Some smart asses say, "You wouldn't be able to make it, why, with all that racism goin on and what-not". Um...HELLO? Racism is very much alive and well today, and especially prevelant (as it has been for centuries) in the south. So don't give me that racism bull-shit. That argument is played the fuck out!

But anyway...I dig the fashion, the music, the language (jive), the TV shows, the "games" and gameshows, the colors and patterns, the jewelry, THE HAIRSTYLES, and the lifestyle in general!! I have the bell-bottom gauchos and big wedged "platform" heels. I have 2 afro puffs (1 big, one small), I love big hoop earrings and retro patterned clothing, I'm a fan of ALL music, but when I think of the music of this decade, only one word comes to mind...HAPPY!

You got DISCO (which I love--"The Hustle", "Hot Stuff", "Last Dance" etc.). And then you got what I'd like to call "Hippie" music. Man that hippie music can put you in a GOOD MOOD! And it's the kinda music you roll one up to. I'm telling you (I wouldn't really know, but I imagine)!

And it's funny how today's culture is bringing back 70s styles and trends--from hair, to clothing, to jewelry, to music. I love it, and couldn't ask for too much more. I mean, how lucky am I, that I get to enjoy the fashion and styles of the 70s within the comfort, modernity, and technology of the 21st century? And I mean, people are really embracing the style of the 70s! The peace signs and "tie-dye" colors, bell-bottoms in full effect! And a lot of people are getting into blowing tweed. I contemplated it for a second, but still haven't given it a try. But who's not to say that I never will. But smoking weed is a WHOLE 'nother subject!

Anyway, if I found a magic lava lamp (something really popular in the 70s) and it held a genie inside. I would make my 3 wishes as such...

1)a cure for AIDS and ALL CANCERS
2) America to accept that times are changing and embrace having a "first black President"
3) to spend a month in the year auntie Helen would be 4, auntie Yo would be 5 and auntie B would be mom? She'd be 12...hahaha...

I want to end this post with a few of my favorite "things" from the 70s...

Disco and Disco Balls

The Jackson 5 (pic taken in 1970)
Twiggy is a 1960's pop icon, but her style is so reminiscent of what I love about the 70s
Who didn't love the BRADY BUNCH ?
Bell Bottoms

**this is the first 70's post, but it defintely won't be the LAST!!!**


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