Friday, July 27, 2007

Caramel Zeus from an Overcooked vegetable

As some of you may know, or have gathered...I'm single. Been that way since early 2005. I've given love a shot, only to GET SHOT in the back by dudes who were just trying to take me too fast. Don't get me wrong, I've had encounters, and kissed a few lips since then. But nothing beats a relationship, and knowing that your heart belongs to someone and vice versa.

I haven't failed in anything yet (in my opinion), and a relationship is the last thing I want if I'm not COMPLETELY ready for it...but...companionship would be NICE...

On a softer note, since this is not a rant...there is this guy...OMG is he fine!! I don't know if it's his looks or his swagger, but he definitely has SOMETHING that attracts me. He's not light-skinned (which I have a thing for, call me shallow...), and he's NOT tall (but I'm not biased to tall dudes, I usually go for average height anyway). So what is it?

The guy has the MOST GORGEOUS SMILE I've ever seen on a caramel dude (my second favorite skin tone on a guy). He carries himself with the highest confidence and self-esteem. His hair is gorgeous...makes me think he has some Indian in him somewhere down the line. And even after a car accident that left scars on his face, he's still HOTT STUFF!

Doesn't hurt that his folks have stacks on deck either...but it's not even about that. What gets me is his swagger and persona. And I'm not the only girl who's noticed it! Me and my homie Monie used to fight over him ALL the time (in jest). And she claims she "gives up" and I can "have" him...we'll see!

But for real, dude is a SITE FOR SORE EYES! And he is BUILT...and he seems like a genuinely nice person. But I'll never know until I have a convo with him. He seems so unapproachable and so NOT ON MY LEVEL...he's a socialite, if you will. But hey...something's gotta give. And he showed interest in my by...well if I said that, I'd be giving him away, so I'll hush. But yeeahhh...He know what's up!! I believe things will change for him and I this semester...I just got that feeling...