Friday, August 3, 2007

To make up for the Holidays I will "miss" while on vay-cay

While I'm on vacation, there are a few holidays I won't be able to cover. The only reason I'm taking my lap top is so I can keep my iPod charged and burn CDs.

The first Holiday I will miss is Sisters and Frienship Day. I have made 3 posts about friendships, so make sure to check them out if you already haven't. On this day, August 5th, please get together with your friends and sisters (biological, sorority, sisters in Christ, play-play, whatever), and do something fun. Go out to eat, go to a movie, go to the club. DO SOMETHING TOGETHER. True Friends last a LIFETIME, I'm telling you. Make a point to call or email friends who live far away from you to let them know they've been on your mind. K.I.T., if you will. Buy cards, candy, and/or balloons for friends or sisters. Everyone probably has at least 1 of each (under my definition).

The second is National Underwear Day, which is observed on August 8th. The only thing I can glean from this holiday is to make sure you have on clean, hole-free underwear when you go out that day. Also, it'd be fun to buy some new lingerie, ladies. Or some new boxers, fellas...Think about it, it's an investment in "preserving your sexy" and your dignity.

August 12th is International Youth Day. It is a Sunday, so if you know a young person who does not attend church, or you are one of those people, invite them to go to church with you or go to church with a friend or relative. Afterwards, sit down for a nice lunch or dinner in a restaurant (not McDonalds). It's Youth Day, so this day is for the kids!!! Also, youth, take this time to enjoy what so many people covet and pay money to get back to. Go ride a bike, take a walk in the park, go skating, go skinny-dipping (umm...maybe not). We're always complaining about not having a day...well, here it is. Do it big on your day! It only comes around once a year! Oh and as far as what is considered youth, man, if you're 55 and you think your 15--I say DO YOU!! If you are confident and vibrant enough to roll with the youngins, you deserve this day as much as they do!!

Last but definitely not least...

From August 10th-12th, I and others will be celebrating Kool-Aid Day! Nuff said...Kool-Aid is the shit, and the mascot is funny as hell (yet weird and destructive). Take this time to make you some kool-aid to quench your thirst instead of drinking water (shit, it's only 3 days). Make up new flavors and if you're bold, set up a "lemonade-style" stand and sell your concoctions. I know I make up some concoctions, baby!! LOL...But it's just an over-all fun weekend to celebrate the joys of Kool-Aid. Harmless fun, if you ask me.